Metal Degreaser (DC 2-26)

We present the clients with Metal Degreaser (DC 2-26), which is available at market leading prices.

Features :

  • Eco Friendly (Non-CFC), safe for environment
  • Multi-purpose maintenance product
  • Protector against corrosion
  • Effective lubricant & moisture eliminator
  • Contact cleaner for electrical equipment
  • Best suited for harsh & extreme Indian climatic conditions.
  • Ozone safe - without CFC
  • Being widely used by reputed Organizations like IOCL, NTPC, NFL,NLC, KPCL,CPCL, BHEL, PSEB, HVPNL, BBMB, Indian, Acrylics, Federal Mogul, Ranbaxy, Somani, Dabu

Available In :

  • 300 gms / 415 ml. self spraying aerosols
  • 5 kg Polyjar

Mechanical Applications :

  • Prevents Corrosion : DC 2-26 deposits corrosion resistant ingredients over the entire surface area thus preventing corrosion of machines & mechanisms from moisture & other corrosive elements. DC 2-26 protects rollers/bearings/moving parts of machines against corrosion.
  • Lubricates & Penetrates : DC 2-26 is an ideal protective lubricant for precision mechanisms. DC 2-26 also has lubricating effect on moving parts of machines. Due to its very high capillary action and strong affinity to metals, DC 2-26 displays excellent penetration & spreading properties. DC 2-26 contains no silicon or other additives that attracts dirt & dust causing a build up of greasy residue.
  • Cleans : DC 2-26, because of its low surface tension, enables it to get under dirt, grime, caked grease and oil to clean the surface. At the same time, it also dissolves most adhesives allowing for the easy removal of labels and excess bonding materials.
  • Releases jammed nuts, bolts & mechanisms :
    • DC 2-26 loosens rust and frees stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts. DC 2-26 also releases jammed mechanisms, nuts & bolts
    • DC 2-26 is a High Performance Product for preventive maintenance under adverse conditions
  • Rust Prevention : DC 2-26 also helps in Perfect Rust Prevention in adverse environments to keep electrical/mechanical system, hand tools,metal parts rust free
  • Mould Releasing Spray : Also works as Mould Releasing Spray and protects dies & moulds against rust & moisture
  • L.T. Switches / Isolators :
    • For contact cleaning & enhancing the life of contacts
    • For lubrication of moving parts
    • For prevention of corrosion caused by humidity/saline atmosphere/chemical fumes in chemical plants like caustic soda & acids by forming a protective film
    • Offers high dielectric strength
  • L.T. Distribution Boards/MCCs :
    • For prevention of moisture induced arcing
    • For removal of dust/dirt/grease etc. on all components mounted on distribution boards and MCCs like switches/rotary switches/push buttons
    • For prevention of corrosion caused by humidity and chemical fumes if the MCCs and LT panels are used in acidic/alkaline conditions, high humidity or saline atmosphere
    • For increasing operational life
  • H.T. OCBs/ACBs :
    • For contact cleaning
    • For lubrication of mechanical levers and other mechanisms
    • The high dielectric strength makes it ideal for high voltage applications
  • L.T. OCBs/ACBs :
    • For contact cleaning
    • For lubrication of mechanical levers and other mechanisms
  • Terminals : For prevention of corrosion on terminal studs, terminal connection, current carrying contacts, plugs/sockets, junction boxes etc.
  • Batteries : For avoiding sulphation of battery terminals (can be done by Spraying it occasionally on battery terminals after cleaning them thoroughly)
  • Motors/Generators : For Washing of motors & alternator windings to clean the ducts in the winding

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Safe on all plastics and metals
  • Non toxic in nature, appearance colourless volatile liquid
  • Restores resistance values by reducing current leakages, cleans, lubricates, protects, penetrates and loosens corrosion
  • It helps restoring water damaged electrical equipment


Propellant Eco-Friendly, Non-CFC, CO2 Propellant
Flash Point Dry Film (open cup) 235 Deg.C
Boiling point range 125-365 Deg.C
Specific Gravity 0.81 + 0.02
Di-electric Strength (ASTM D-877) 16 KV
Net Volume of the liquid 415 ml

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